Thursday, November 08, 2012

The Best Exercise to Protect Your HEART!

Oxygen plays an important role in maintaining a healthy heart. Sufficient amount of oxygen in our blood can protect the heart cells. Aerobic exercise which can improve blood circulation and bring more oxygen to the whole body. It’s the best exercise to protect your one and only heart!

There are 4 common aerobic exercises which we can practice in our daily life.

Brisk walk is the easiest aerobic exercise! Besides protect the heart, it also helps to improve lungs function. Brisk walk can reduce risk of coronary artery disease, lower blood pressure; regulate blood lipid (cholesterol) & blood sugar. Minimum 30 minutes a day, 5 times in a week. If too busy, no time to exercise for more than 30 min at a time, we can separate it into 2-3 times a day, each time 10-15 minutes.

Swimming can improve our nerve & lung functions, digestive system, muscle and blood circulation. It’s a relaxing exercise which involves muscles from the whole body.

Bringing our partner to join a dancing class is one of the aerobic exercise, which helps to reduce stress, relaxes the mind and soul, improves blood circulation, increases oxygen intake, thus leads to a healthy heart. It’s a simple exercise which we even can do it at home with our lovely partner together with our favorite music. 

Last but not least, bicycling could be another aerobic exercise that can improve our heart’s health. Researches found that, routine bicycling can improve 3-7% of our heart’s function.   

Let’s start aerobic exercise now! Enjoy your exercises to get a healthier heart!

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